Technical Time Analysis

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This indicator has three main components: Days of Week SeparatorsUser-Customized Reminder Notes, and Projected Lines. Each component is explained and demonstrated how it could be used as a trading tool.

The basis of this indicator is to analyze past price movements and then project them as a reminder for traders that previously, at that particular time, there was a price increase/decrease.

Days of the Week

Vertical lines and labels separate days of the week.

The vertical lines allow you to quickly see what day of the week the price movement occurred. For example, if a notable price move happens on Monday, you can use the “Reminder Notes” input to enter a note directly on the chart, as explained below.

Style Options

Vertical lines can be customized to be displayed in the past and future.

Past & Future Vertical Lines

Vertical lines can be customized to be displayed in the past and future.

This allows you to select a specific time when price has increased/decreased, see how often this has occurred, then notate it as a reminder in the future.

Reminder Notes

User-customized reminder notes for future projected lines.

This allows you to input notes to be displayed with the future projected lines.

Example: You notice that at 06:45, there had previously been significant price action. Your notes can be updated directly on the chart to remind you of them just before 06:45 on the following days.

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