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Stacey Burke's 50 Pips A Day Strategy

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This indicator highlights the essential 12 Candles of the three major Market Sessions and draws future lines to show the user when the next session begins. It provides the Highs and Lows of each Market Session, the current day, and the previous day. It also auto-calculates and displays Round Numbers for the 00, 25, 50, and 75 levels.


The indicator was inspired by the Stacey Burke “50 PIPS a Day 12 Candle Rules” trading strategy. Although the original strategy primarily focused on forex, it can be successfully applied to trade cryptocurrencies.


Mr. Burke uses the MT4 platform with the iSessions and SweetSpots indicators. We have coded improved versions of these scripts in PineScript, added a few new features, and combined everything into one easy-to-use TradingView indicator.

Indicator Components: