Why choose Disruptive Developers for your next project?

The Disruptive Developers team realizes you have many options when choosing a TradingView/Pinescript coder. However, we are confident that our coding, customer service, and commitment stand far above the rest. Here are some reasons to choose us for your product:

1. Personalized Customer Service.

We are a small team of four coders. We are also close friends. The DisDev team communicates daily to discuss customer projects, development, and coding progress. This communication extends to our customer service. We are all aware of the current status of all our projects, so we all contribute and can respond to customer requests on a daily basis.


2. Professional Service.

Our coders are from diverse backgrounds and we all bring complementary coding skills to all our products. We can code any level of TradingView scripts, from traditional technical analysis to complex trading systems used by professional traders. In fact, the DisDev team was founded as a result of our interactions with each other in professional trading groups while assisting traders in their TradingView script development.


3. Candidness.

We do not sugar-coat our indicators to your expectations. We will not take any projects that we know in good faith won’t or can’t work. Each project is carefully reviewed by all team members to assess a script’s viability and logic and whether it can be implemented on TradingView. Furthermore, we do not offer trading or financial advice. We will never tell our customers “you will make a lot of money if we automate your strategy,” or “your project is the holy grail!” In fact, if you hear statements like these from other coders, you should carefully consider if that’s the type of coder you want.


4. Communication

We offer a direct-line of communication between DisDev management, coders, and our customers. Each project has its own channel in our discord server, where you can reach a coder to discuss specific needs or questions. Our coders cover most time zones, so you will usually have a quick response to your questions.