Sr. Developer

IT technician, Communications Engineer. Hobbies Coding and Powerlifting



Futures Trader / Coding -Pinescript -Python -C++



Coding, reading, semantics, and psychology

Premier Crypto

Front End Developer

Entrepreneur, Operations Consultant, Crypto Trader, Poker Pro

How Disruptive Developers was formed

Several years ago, Frien_dd began trading with leverage and quickly realized he needed to learn technical analysis. This is where his technical analysis coding journey began to assist him and others in learning and backtesting theories.


Along his journey, he met fellow traders/coders LudaCode and xxATTAxx. They would assist one another with pieces of code to improve whichever project they may have been working on individually.


In 2021, PremierCrypto reached out to Frien_dd after using some of his indicators on TradingView. Frien_dd agreed to code an indicator for Premier. Frien_dd called on LudaCode and xxATTAxx for some assistance during the development process.


The four developers completed the project and, along the way, became friends. An opportunity presented itself, and Disruptive Developers was born.