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  • Automated Trading Logic

  • Backtesting

  • Customized Trading Alerts

  • API Connections to the Exchange 

  • On Chart Data tables

  • Multiple Asset Screeners

  • Risk Management

How does it work?

The Disruptive Developers team provides professional, complex TradingView indicators and coding services. We can code any indicator within TradingView’s parameters.


Disruptive Developers is committed to making the process from script concept to final product as smooth as possible. We believe that clarity and communication should be at the forefront of our customer relations. We will not agree to a project unless we believe we can provide a quality product that fully satisfies our customer’s needs.

Disruptive Developers will develop, code, and provide a TradingView script, written in Pinecode, as defined in the requested Strategy Parameters.


The project will encompass all phases of script development, including coding, testing, debugging, and follow-up support.


Disruptive Developers will guarantee the script functions on TradingView, without any syntax, run-time, or loading errors.


Disruptive Developers will provide good-faith efforts to correct any parameter logic errors provided by the customer if any.


Disruptive Developers will provide weekly progress reports, coding-status updates, and strategy logic issues if any.


Disruptive Developers will provide alpha, beta, and release candidate indicator versions on the Disruptive Developers’ TradingView script page, accessible only to the customer their designated personnel.


Disruptive Developers will provide direct two-way conversation through their Discord server between the customer and the Disruptive Developers team.

1. Initial Customer Meeting. We will provide a phone, Zoom, or virtual meeting to discuss the customer’s needs, expectations, and script requirements. There is no charge and no obligation for this meeting.


2. Disruptive Developers Team Meeting. The Disruptive Developers team will meet internally to discuss script requirements and do a feasibility-of-concept study. If the script is found undoable or logically inconsistent, we will notify the customer immediately.


3. Proof of Concept. Disruptive Developers will provide the customer with a sample indicator or a clear discussion of how the indicator can (or cannot) be coded. There is no charge for this meeting.


4. Formal Meeting. Disruptive Developers will meet with the customer to discuss and agree to terms, requirements, timeline, and limitations.


5. Coding. The coding process is dependent on the complexity of the script requirements and the ease of communication between the customer and Disruptive Developers. We provide a Discord server for regular conversation. The server is monitored by our coders and front-end team.


6. Alpha and Beta Testing. Disruptive Developers will provide script updates and samples for major script blocks. Each test script update will be available on the Disruptive Developer’s TradingView Script page, available only to customer-authorized testes. We encourage customer input and clarifications at each step.


7. Revisions. Customer suggestions and feedback will be addressed through email, web-meeting, or Discord conversations.


8. Release candidate. After all revisions and customer requests are addressed, a working copy of the indicator will be provided for final testing.


9. Final Product. Once the final product is released, the script codebase will be turned over to the customer.


10. Support. We will provide full support for any bugs, reasonable script changes, and Pinescript updates. The Discord channel will remain open for a one-year period following the Final Product release date.

The customer will provide Disruptive Developers with all the following in a clear, understandable, and logically consistent manner before coding begins:


1. Strategy requirements

2. Signal Parameters

3. Chart Plotting Requirements

4. Alert Requirements

5. Any and all additional parameters and requirements to make the script fully functional for the customer


The customer agrees to provide at least one point of contact who will be available to respond to questions, explain the above, and authorize script changes.


The customer must agree and understand that Disruptive Developers does not provide financial or trading advice.

The customer agrees to provide timely feedback and clear requirements for any script changes or requests.

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