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Level by Level

This indicator’s main objective is to provide you with the ability to choose the levels you are interested in with the added functions of the

Market Maker
DisDev Team

Technical Time Analysis

The basis of this indicator is to analyze past price movements and then project them as a reminder for traders that previously, at that particular

Market Maker
DisDev Team

Sessions, Initial Balance & Range Stats

This indicator has two main components: Time-Specific Sessions and High/Low Statistics. There are also several subcomponents: Day of Week Separators, Specific Session High/Low Extenders, Day Range Statistics, Week

High Volume
DisDev Team

High Volume Recovery

This indicator analyzes past volume movements, allowing you to visualize selected volume percentages above and below candles and to visualize live recovery of High-Volume Candles.

Market Maker
DisDev Team

Stacey Burke’s 12 Candles

Inspired by Stacey Burke, this indicator highlights the essential 12 Candles of the three major Market Sessions. Future lines are drawn to show the user

Market Maker
DisDev Team

Disruptive Oscillators

Disruptive Oscillators is a collection of five of the most popular trading oscillators: Trader Dynamic Indicator (TDI), Wave Trend Oscillator (WTO), Money Flow Index (MFI),

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